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A delivery & takeaway kitchen that serves both veg and non-veg Indian food. They offer high quality, good tasting, and economic meals which make them a popular name in the business.

Working with a company that challenges the old-fashioned approach of diners and restaurants and seeks to revolutionise the industry is as exciting as it sounds. A visual brand language was created for this brand to help them follow a uniform approach across all mediums. We took a different approach for distinguishing Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food by placing a bar of either green or red colour. Checkboxes have been used on the sides of the packaging to help users easily identify the contents of the box. The brand colour (red) has been extensively used on the packaging for a vibrant appeal. A quirky tagline was also created and used on the packaging to add a fun element to it.

The new packaging enables the users to eliminate the confusion while differentiating between Veg and Non-Veg, and also its contents.


Tri-fold Menu Design

Food Container Sleeve Design

Standee Design

Poster Design

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