Gr8Weekender Book Design Gr8Weekender Book Design Gr8Weekender Book Design
Gr8Weekender Book Design


A three day festival organised by Nimaaya - Women's Centre for Health (21st Century Hospital) on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019 for to celebrate womanhood and their influence in our lives. The festival consisted of various events. One of them being Gr8Marathon, solely for women. A marathon for women seems like a perfect idea as women never quit. This is one of the most admirable qualities which could be implemented in all our lives.

Just the way women keep inspiring us in every turn of our lives, a few of them inspired others to run this marathon and earned the tag of ‘Gr8 Ambassadors’ for themselves. An ambassadors book is designed to show appreciation and give a brief about these wonderful women. The book also talks about the organisers of the festival and their visions.

We take immense pride in working for a cause as noble as this.


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