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Today, the whole world is fighting one thing – novel coronavirus. The WHO have declared Covid-19 as pandemic. Many countries including India went under complete lockdown to fight this battle. Today, with an ease in lockdown restrictions a.k.a 'unlock 1.0', many businesses and workplaces have started operating. The work life and social life will be different now. We all need to follow the new norms and take precautionary measures for everyone’s safety.

Our Covid-19 social distancing floor stickers cover best-practice guidelines with powerful messaging for retail outlets, superstores, shops, offices, banks, workplaces, that you can focus on getting back to running your business responsibly.


Complete set: 3 different designs, 3 different languages, 3 different size

Print-friendly: Easily print on any sticker sheet

Multi-language: Available in English, Hindi, and Gujarati

Different size: 12in x 12in, 15in x 15in, and 18in x 18in

Premium Quality: 3 premium and high-definition templates

Customisable: Easily change the colours as per your choice

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