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Cream N Crust Packaging Design


Cream N Crust is a Surat based bakery that needs no introduction. After 25 years of being a symbol of trust & quality, they finally decided to launch their very own café which carries the same legacy.

We were approached by a brand that served the masses while simultaneously maintaining their purity, taste, and quality. We wanted to represent the bakery’s essence into the newly launched cafés without being repetitive. A visual brand language was created to attain uniformity across various marketing publication designs.

Follwing the success of the first café, launched the second café in Surat. Special packaging was used for announcing the launch which included all the elements of the newly formed visual language. The minimalist pattern all around the packaging depicts a scoop of love and a slice of celebration. The delivery van was also designed to spread the celebration vibes.


Café and Bakery Menu Design

Poster Design

Table Stand Design

Standee Design

In-store Signage Design

Packaging Design: Cake and Dessert Boxes

Delivery Van Design

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